It is my instinct to use nature as a guide in my approach to the practice of aesthetics. I believe that by listening to our innate wisdom, we can make decisions for our health and well-being that support the body to function optimally. As a general rule, I try to keep the products I use and promote natural, but that is not to say that everything natural is safe or everything synthetic is unsafe. There are plenty of examples of synthetic ingredients that are completely safe and incredibly effective. I believe it's important to give credence to the science and equally important to pay close attention to how your body responds to specific products and ingredients. What may be safe for one person can be highly dangerous to another. I believe in using Bio-compatible skincare that works with your body to heal damage and promote healthy dermal and epidermal tissue so your largest organ can provide you with the best protection from external threats to your health.

    Did you know that 60% of what you put on your skin everyday is absorbed directly into your bloodstream? This makes it equally important to be aware of what you are putting on your skin as what you are putting in your mouth. Most of us today are aware of the toxic ingredients and additives that are used in the production of our food and the detriment they can cause to our health, but are you aware that the same problems exist in the world of cosmetics?

    Synthetic fragrances can cause disruption of the endocrine system and are often neurotoxic. Some preservatives can bio-accumulate in your liver, reducing its ability to perform its job and potentially contributing to cancers. They can also cause an inflammatory response in the skin that will contribute to faster aging and an overall decline in health. Some chemical sunscreens have actually been shown to break down on a molecular level when exposed to the radiation energy of the sun, creating free radicals that can contribute to the aging of the skin or worse, to the formation of skin cancers. These are just a few examples of ingredients that are added to the cosmetics of today. To learn more visit this page or the environmental working group's Skin Deep Database.

    The advancements made in natural cosmetics has allowed safety and efficacy to improve and in my practice I have seen that these products can work just as well or better than their chemical counterparts because they help reduce the inflammatory response in the skin leaving your skin glowing, naturally.




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