Hello Loves!

I'm so excited to share this news with you, so let me tell you all about it! As many of you know, back in April we moved into a new location in the medical arts building. When I initially found the new spot, I was thankful to have found a space to move to that already had the plumbing requirements required for a spa to operate, but I was having many mixed feelings about the move. I wasn't excited about the process, and I was feeling sad to be leaving the space downtown I had occupied and loved for 3 years. It was out of my hands, so I decided to shift my thinking and embrace the opportunity to find a space to make my own.

When I looked at the space in the medical arts building that I now occupy, well, honestly, it was not particularly appealing. My deadline to move was nearing, so I decided to take on the project to spruce it up and make it mine. If you've visited us in our new location, I think you'll agree that its fun, fresh and adorable. The energy is inviting and its a great space to visit and have appointments. 

After being settled into the space for a month and realizing how much I really ended up loving it, I decided to take a leap of faith and pursue my long-time dream of having a full-service holistic medical spa offering multiple modalities and hiring other practitioners to work for Instinct. 

The process of bringing my vision to life has been exciting and stressful, but to see it coming to fruition is exhilarating. In our expanded space, we are adding new services to what we offer, including holistic hair color services, haircutting, IV vitamin infusion, lashes, infrared sauna and Hydrafacials. We have plans to add additional med spa services in the future as well.

I can't wait for you to come in for an appointment!